What They Are Saying: China Task Force Report

Yesterday, the China Task Force released its report — a policy blueprint for Congress and the Administration to better combat the multifaceted challenge presented by the Chinese Communist Party. China Task Force Members highlighted their efforts on the task force and key priorities that were included in the report. The report received widespread coverage in media outlets and support from the conference.

China Task Force Members joined House Republican Leadership at a press conference to unveil their report.

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“It is a generational struggle. And this is a generational document that will guide the Congress for many years to come.” — China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul

“Back in May, every member on this task force set out to draft a comprehensive blueprint that would serve as a guide to address the China threat. Today, they delivered.” — Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

The proposals that we have offered in this report recognize the gravity and the significance of this moment that we face and if followed these proposals will help ensure that freedom and the U.S.-led global order prevail.” — Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney

Chairman McCaul and all these Members you see here that worked incredibly hard to go find the facts about what China did, the role that they played in this pandemic, the cover-ups, lying to the world.” — Republican Whip Steve Scalise

China Task Force Members and committees of jurisdiction highlighted their efforts and key priorities in the report:

Rep. Chris Stewart joined the Rod Arquette radio show to discuss his work on the task force.

Leader McCarthy and Chairman McCaul penned an op-ed about the seriousness of the threat from the Chinese Communist Party.

House Science, Space and Technology Committee Ranking Member Frank Lucas applauded the report’s recommendations to ensure the U.S. is competitive with China.

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan highlighted how the report will help the U.S. fight for freedom.

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler joined Bloomdaddy Radio and KDKA to talk about the release of the report.

House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney highlighted key national security and defense provisions included in the final report.

House Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Member Greg Walden and Rep. Adam Kinzinger applauded the release of the task force report.

House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member Mike Rogers highlighted the inclusion of his Countering China’s Theft of American Research and Innovation Act in the task force report.

Rep. Elise Stefanik applauded the release of the task force report and highlighted her priority recommendations that were included.

Rep. Mike Gallagher appeared on Cheddar and Yahoo Finance to discuss the need to decouple from China.

House Education and Labor Committee Ranking Member Virginia Foxx applauded recommendations in the task force report that will strengthen the U.S. workforce and protect institutions of higher education.

Rep. Michael Waltz joined Brian Kilmeade radio and Newsmax’s Spicer & Co. to discuss the importance of ending our reliance on China and the report.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger joined WROK and WGTN to discuss the Chinese Communist Party’s malign behavior and the task force.

Rep. John Curtis joined KSL to discuss the 400+ recommendations included in the report.

The House Financial Services Committee highlighted the efforts of FSC Members, Reps. Barr, Riggleman, and Gonzalez, on the task force.

House Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Kevin Brady noted important economic and trade related recommendations included in the final report.

Reps. Chris Stewart and John Curtis penned an op-ed explaining the Chinese Communist Party threat and how the report will address it.

House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Mac Thornberry applauded the task force report’s recommendations that will help keep America safe.

Rep. John Joyce spoke on the task force’s effort to end America’s reliance on China on the House Floor.

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez explained the policy proposals and legislative strategies laid out in the report to combat the Chinese Communist Party.

Rep. Andy Barr spoke at the rollout press conference bout the bipartisan solutions put forth in the report.

Rep. Darin LaHood appeared on “After the Bell” on Fox Business to discuss provisions in the China Task Force report that will strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness.

Rep. Denver Riggleman spoke at the rollout press conference about how the report recommendations will be invaluable to the whole-of-government effort to address the Chinese Communist Party’s behavior.

Rep. Jim Banks highlighted his efforts throughout the duration of the China Task Force.

Following its release, the report was widely covered in top news outlets. Highlights of the coverage are below:

“How the U.S. should respond to China both economically and militarily has been an increasingly charged political topic, but many of the legislative suggestions unveiled Wednesday as part of House Republicans’ China Task Force actually have a chance to eventually become law.” — Roll Call

“A group of Republican lawmakers seeking to counter national security and economic threats from China is calling for the United States to open trade talks with Taiwan.” — Reuters

“In response to the threats presented by the PRC and the CCP, Republican lawmakers provided a list of more than 400 recommendations for U.S. leaders and legislators to strategically employ in response to China’s malignant and hostile actions towards their own citizens, America, and the rest of the world.” The Federalist

“The report includes more than 400 policy recommendations to address issues ranging from national security concerns, human rights violations, problems with the supply chain, Beijing’s missteps in its handling of the pandemic and China’s overall expanding influence on the world stage.” — The Hill

“The task force report prioritizes a number of GOP-led bills to expand U.S. production, including legislation from Waltz and top Republicans on the Natural Resources Committee that would speed permitting for hard rock mines and boost research funding for minerals recycling and processing.” — Washington Examiner

“In the aftermath of shortages of personal protective equipment in the United States, the task force has honed in on securing the medical and national security supply chains through targeted tax incentives to speed up production of critical goods.” — Fox News

“The report includes nearly 200 legislative proposals that officials hope will undermine China’s growing military and ensure the United States has the resources for any potential conflict.” — Washington Free Beacon

“Congressional GOP members urged key industries to shift supply chains away from China and called for stricter limits on some China-related investments, according to the final report from their China Task Force” — Bloomberg

“The report highlighted the challenge posed by China’s United Front, a network of strategic groups meant to boost the Chinese Communist Party’s influence worldwide.” — Washington Examiner

“The report also calls for evaluating whether the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes against humanity in Xinjiang amount to genocide and providing a safe harbor for Hong Kong refugees.” — Politico

The congressional China Task Force released a 141-page report on Wednesday outlining 82 key findings about the threat that the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and making 430 policy recommendations on how the U.S. needs to respond.” — The Daily Wire

“However, Republicans forged ahead with the challenge of figuring out how to reorient the U.S.’s policy towards China, meeting with 125 policy experts, business leaders, other members of Congress, and current and former administration officials from both sides of the aisle.” — Breitbart

“Besides COVID-19 cover-ups, the report said that in the past year China dismantled Hong Kong’s civil liberties; oppressed ethnic minorities including Uyghurs and Tibetans; increased its military buildup; and engaged in fatal skirmishes to grab land.” — The Salt Lake Tribune

“On Wednesday, House Republicans released the results of their months long probe into the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and how the U.S. can turnaround a “failed” engagement strategy that has put Americans’ safety and prosperity at risk.” — Fox Business



The China Task force, chaired by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), will develop legislative solutions to address the Chinese Communist Party’s malign global activity.

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China Task Force

The China Task force, chaired by Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), will develop legislative solutions to address the Chinese Communist Party’s malign global activity.